Making it through a long winter

Making it through a long winter

  • Consider the Switch to Biological Septic Tanks

    For many years, septic tanks have served homeowners in both rural and urban areas to dispose of their waste in a safe and efficient manner. However, most traditional septic tanks tend to use a lot of space, become easily clogged, and emit foul smells from time to time. To address these challenges, a newer model of septic tank has been developed in recent years—it is called the biological septic tank. This new model is a smaller, more effective system that operates in an ecologically friendly manner.

  • Factors Affecting Grain Prices in Australia

    Grains are among the most important agricultural commodities in the world, with their popularity remaining fairly steady. Grains such as wheat, barley, canola and sorghum are widely grown in Australia for both domestic consumption and also export to other emerging markets. Wheat is one of the most widely grown crops in Australia and it is exported throughout the world. Japan and Southeast Asia are the biggest importers of Australian wheat. Other popular crops include barley, of which Australia produces over eight million tonnes are produced annually, and oats.

  • Tips for setting up a small farm

    Setting up your own small farm can be a very exciting experience. However, it can also be quite a daunting one. If you're thinking about creating this type of business, the following tips may help you with this process. Take care when buying farmland The type of farmland you buy will play a significant role in how well your business does in the future. If you intend to grow crops, it's crucial to choose a plot with the right kind of soil; ideally, it should be nutrient-rich and have excellent drainage.

  • Is It Time to Get Your Drinking Water Tested?

    Most city-supplied water is relatively safe, but this doesn't mean you should simply trust the water you get from your kitchen faucet. There are many things that could go wrong between the water filters used by your city and your home's plumbing, and you can't always tell if water is unsafe or impure simply by its taste. Note when homeowners should get their drinking water tested, even if you don't notice anything "

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Making it through a long winter

It's always tricky dealing with the swings of the weather when you are a farmer. You can suffer if there is too much rain, not enough rain or even rain at the wrong time of the year. It can make it really challenging to have enough feed for livestock or to be able to harvest a crop later in the year if you are a crop farmer. Often there are some relatively simple things you can do to manage these issues, including buying supplemental feeds or running drainage ditches. This blog is about managing all of the events that can happen over a long winter as a farmer or farm manager.